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Mechanical Shakers

RELIABILITY SHAKER: Moderate vibration level shaker designed for production line demonstration of end item reliability and longevity testing per AGREE Spec MIL-STD-781B, MIL-STD-167 and many other Military Or Commercial Testing Specifications. Shaker may be mated to AGREE Chambers for combined Temperature-Vibration Testing.

FATIGUE SHAKER: A high level vibration shaker designed to perform vibration endurance testing over extended periods of time.

Elliptical Shakers

Elliptical Shakers are the lowest cost series and utilize a single shaft to create motion in both vertical and horizontal axes simultaneously. They are typically used for applications which require more than a single direction vibration. The ES shaker is an inexpensive solution for production line Environmental Stress Screening (ESS). An alternate version of this shaker where the elliptical motion is induced in the horizontal plane (shaft mounted vertically) has been used by Pharmaceutical Companies to grow crystals.

Vertical Shakers

Vertical Shakers utilize two counter-rotating shafts to create motion in the Vertical Axis only. The two shafts are timed together but rotating in opposite directions. Horizontal forces generated by the shafts get cancelled out and result in the forces being applied in only the Vertical Axis.

Vertical & Horizontal Shakers

Vertical & Horizontal Shakers utilize four shafts to create motion in either the Vertical or Horizontal Axes. The VH series shakers have an adjusting mechanism to allow the timing to be changed for Vertical or Horizontal mode and to allow the Phase Lock be set in Horizontal mode. Where Vertical mode is pretty much straight forward, but Horizontal mode is a little more complicated as there needs to be a way of compensating for the CG.

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