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Load and Torque

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Load Cells

Load cells we provide will help to meet your dynamic test and measurement requirements. Our load cells have low deflection with high accuracy and are temperature-pressure compensated. Also these load cells are available with different mechanical configurations such as low profile, canister, rod-end, and s-beam load cells. Hence the offered load cells are best fit on applications like weighing, Structural Testing, Quality Control, Material Testing, Component Life Cycle Testing, Full Vehicle Durability Testing etc. Every load cell we supply is calibrated with NIST traceable standards and A2LA accreditation.

Torque Transducers

PCB Torque Sensors offers rotating measurements easy. State of the art strain gage technology and telemetry technology combined to offer different categories such as Rotary Slip Ring Torque Sensors, Rotary Transformer Torque Sensors & Reaction Torque Sensors.

Telemetry Systems

If it rotates we can instrument it and provide realtime wireless data. Accumetrics, a PCB group company's digital wireless telemetry systems offer one of the best means of making measurements on rotors and provide greater stability, higher accuracy and excellent EMI immunity. Available in single and multichannel configurations, Accumetrics telemetry systems preserve data integrity under the most challenging conditions.

Fastner Technology

PCB’s fastener products (formerly known as our RS Technologies product line) include test systems and threaded fastener torque/angle/tension systems ideal for use in the Automotive, Aerospace & Defense, Power Generation industries, and for product assembly by manufacturers or processors of threaded fasteners or other companies that use threaded fasteners to assemble their products.

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