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Acoustic Signature Management

Underwater Acoustic Signature Measurement

SONARs are essential to all naval vessels and are one of the primary tactical equipment on board. Each vessel exhibits a distinct acoustic signature. We provide an end-to-end solution to acoustic ranging, both fixed as well as portable. An acoustic range measures, analyses, manages & stores the radiated noise of surface vessels, submarines & the ambient noise of the sea. The Portable Acoustic Range (PAR) tracks continuously the measured submarine or ship and records its noise. It then transmits the data wirelessly to a remote control unit located on board measurement Ship.


This unit supports real time radiated noise processing, analysis and display. A comprehensive platform database for management of the results is available along with the playback and post analysis capabilities.

Portable Acoustic Range (PAR)

With the ever increasing energy demands the number of underwater installations are also increasing and are prone to serious external threats of sabotage. The vital installations are therefore essentially required to be protected. The Single Unit very easy to install Portable Diver Detection SONARs is available from sectoral or omni-directional surveillance from underwater threats. 

Underwater Acoustic Signal Analysis (UASA)

Generic Sonar Simulator (GSS)

Control Pad

Target Strength Simulation Software

The Target Strength Simulation Software is developed based on the Physical Optics principles. It is useful for objective prediction of complex underwater structures such as ships, submarines, torpedos, mines and AUV. The standard package can be further customized to adapt to the specific user requirements.

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