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EAGLE - Fleet Management And Localization.

Eagle is a multi-platform public and private fleet management system (PCs and mobile devices) that allows real-time localization , on Internet or proprietary cartography, of the location of all controlled vehicles. The extremely intuitive interface allows you to highlight the status of the fleets with customized icons and to have access to all the information relating to the single vehicle such as speed, position, direction. Through the sophisticated search functions it is possible to filter and select the vehicles based on the geographical area and availability or group them within specific areas.


Due to its extremely versatile nature, Eagle can have multiple uses:

  • Analysis and reporting of travel times , breaks and rest periods for each individual vehicle as well as the progressive mileage.                                                             

  • Management of real-time alarms relating to the vehicle's position such as: failure to respect the assigned route, unexpected movements or presence in prohibited areas.                                                             

  • Search and optimization of routes.                                                         

  • Control of operations  and number of hours worked.                     

  • Search for the vehicle closest to a given location, for example to send help.                                                                

  • Control and reports on CO2 emissions.                             

  • Calculation of travel times.

In particular for the urban and extra urban mobility  you can manage your trips, stops, information messages to users and shifts of autisti.Eagle is equipped with a reporting system advanced that allows you to create charts based on the collected historical data and carry out statistical and forecasting studies. Eagle addresses Road and Motorway Management Bodies , transport companies, ambulances and roadside assistance, law enforcement, waste collection, surveillance and security, car rental and public transport.

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