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Displacement Sensors

Displacement Sensors - Contact Type

LORD Sensing-MicroStrain® displacement/position sensors are known as DVRTs (Differential Variable Reluctance Transducers) which are half-bridge LVDTs (Linear Variable Differential Transformers). DVRTs deliver a very high linear stroke range to body length ratio, and can be used in environments where traditional LVDTs are too large. Displacement transducers are extremely robust, capable of operating at temperatures up to 175°C in corrosive media such as saline, oil, and brake fluid. The near frictionless design enables sensors to operate over millions of cycles without wear or degradation in signal quality.

Displacement Sensors - Non Contact Type

The Non-Contact DVRT® is designed to measure the displacement and proximity of a metal target without physical contact. The measurement is unaffected by interposed nonmetallic, non-conductive materials, such as polymers and biomaterials. The stainless shell of the device houses two coils; one for sensing and the other for temperature compensation. The coils and Teflon® cable are mounted on a stable PEEK substrate. This assembly is potted into the stainless housing using high-grade, vacuum-pumped epoxy and includes integral strain relief. This packaging allows the sensor to be used in applications requiring long-term immersion in water and saline solutions.

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