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Using of measuring instruments over a period of time will result in degrade of its accuracy and has a tendency to drift. So it is always important to check that the instrument’s performance in-line to the manufacturer specifications/ recommendations. Many industries started often implementing the calibration of measuring instruments as a good practice. Routine Calibration always builds confidence and to boost it selecting a right laboratory with required competency is mandatory.  

We are equipped with world class dynamic calibration facility and adopted good professional practices for ensuring the accurate calibration data to customers and enhance the quality of the final products. Our laboratory is accredited by NABL, India in line to ISO/IEC 17025 standard and has the capability to calibrate accelerometers, vibration meters, hand-held 1g calibrator, portable vibration calibrator, microphones with pre amplifiers, sound - level meter, sound sources and impact hammers traceable with NIST traceability.

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Calibration services we offer are
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