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Test and Measurement Sensors

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To measure vibration, shock, acceleration, and motion for monitoring, control, and testing applications. ICP®, PE, MEMS and Capacitance sensing technologies are used to fulfill a wide assortment of measurement requirements. We provide the measurement signals needed to control the vibratory input and to analyze the product’s reaction to such testing. 

Pressure Sensors

Piezoelectric pressure sensors that are used for a variety of dynamic pressure measurements and has the ability to measure small pressure fluctuations at high static pressure levels is a unique characteristic of piezoelectric pressure sensors. With ICP® amplified output, the transducers are well-suited for continuous operation in “dirty” environments, underwater, and in field test applications across long cables.

Impact Hammers

ICP® instrumented impact hammer which features a rugged, force sensor that is integrated into the hammer’s striking surface. “Modal Tuning” is a feature that ensures the structural characteristics of the hammer do not affect measurement results. This is accomplished by eliminating hammer resonances in the frequency range of interest from corrupting the test data, resulting in more accurate and consistent measurements.

Force Sensors

Piezoelectric force and strain sensors are durable measurement devices which possess exceptional characteristics for the measurement of high frequency dynamic force and strain events. Typical measurements include dynamic and quasi-static forces as encountered during actuation, compression, impact, impulse, reaction, and tension.

Strain Sensors

Re Useable ICP Strain Sensors and Industrial ICP Strain Sensors revolutionize by changing conventional strain gaging technology enabling the usage of strain measurements again and again without re calibration or installation.


Wide range of Electronics compatible with Dynamic sensors having ICP, Charge, DC, Strain Gage sensor technology. Battery Powered, DC Powered, Line Powered, Multi Channel, DC Coupled, Modular, Inline ICP etc.,


Mounting Accessories ranging from Adhesives, Mounting Bases, Monting Pads, Easy Mount Clip, Swivel Clip, Probe Tips, Removal Tools, Mounting Studs & Screws, Triaxial Mounting Adaptors, Etc.,

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