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Strain Sensors

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Reusable ICP® Strain Gauge

This high-resolution dynamic alternative to bond foil strain gauges uses a quartz sensing element in a durable, titanium housing. It has 0.0006 microstrain resolution, 5 volt output, 100k Hz frequency response and 0.5 gram mass for lightweight test articles. The reusable sensor comes with a calibration certificate, attaches to the test specimen in 60 seconds and is removed in 10 seconds. This is specially designed for Dynamic Testing of Aircraft, Defense Vehicles and Components

Industrial ICP Strain Sensors

Industrial ICP® Strain Sensors incorporate piezoelectric quartz sensing crystals that respond to a longitudinal change in distance. The resultant strain measured is an indirect measurement of stress forces acting along the structure to which the sensor is mounted. As such, these devices can provide insight into the behavior of mechanical systems or processes that generate an associated machinery reaction. For Process Monitoring/Quality Control application these strain sensors can be used

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