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We understands your one time R&D test requirement needs or low budget short term projects and assists you with the rental solutions. SSPL Systems and technologies, a group company of Structural Solutions, offers you a range of high quality and world class test and measurement equipments as an individual product or an end-to-end solution on rental or a long-time lease at economic prices.

Test and measurement equipment we provide for rent includes Accelerometers, Force sensors, Impact hammers, Signal conditioners, Vibration meters, Controllers, Power amplifiers, Data Acquisitions Systems, Electro Dynamic Shakers, Wireless sensors and many more.


All our equipments and systems are calibrated with NIST traceability at the time of rent. We supply required documents like calibration certificates, operation manuals, instruction manuals etc along with rented equipment. Also we provide you required installation, commissioning and training support for rented equipment. If you have limited engineers for performing tests during rental period, we can help you by offering operation and maintenance contract along with the rental product. For a detailed rental contract terms and pricing information,

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