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Acoustic Products

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The quality and performance of microphones plays a key role in acoustical testing applications such as environmental noise analysis, sound power testing, transfer path analysis, sound pressure mapping, noise reduction, beam forming, audible range testing, holography, noise source identification etc. We provide a variety of acoustic measurement products including condenser, modern prepolarized, traditional externally polarized, array, probe, low-profile surface and other specialty purpose microphones, preamplifiers and accessories.

Sound Sources

We offer sound sources to generate various sound fields including omnidirectional, homogeneous, impact and impulsive noise excitations for reverberation time, room acoustic, building acoustic and sound insulation measurements.

Sound Level Meter

We offer cost effective, advanced sound level meters to meet all your building acoustics and environmental noise monitoring application needs. These are type or class 1 and 2 precision sound level meter and fully compliant with IEC and ANSI standards.

Ear Simulators
Environmental Noise Monitoring Systems

Environmental Noise Monitoring Solutions for Airport Noise, Construction Noise, Mining Noise, Traffic Noise, Rail Noise Monitoring, Community Noise, Wind Turbine Farm Noise, Industrial Noise, Outdoor Noise, Motorsport Noise Monitoring Applications with options of Permanent, Semi Permanent & Portable Installation from Larson Davis USA.

Acoustic Calibrators

Used for calibrating your sound measuring equipment by producing a known sound pressure level called as acoustic or sound calibrators. Larson Davis USA having side variety of Sound Calibrators such as CAL 200, CAL 250, CAL 150 & CAL 291.

Software Products

Data, Navigation and Analysis (DNA) Software: can be used to display and control measurement data on a PC in real time, while maintaining access to all of the instrument measurement and analysis functions it is interfacing with.

Acoustic Testing Accessories

Structural Solutions offer a wide range of accessories that aids microphones more useful and versatile while acoustic testing. A full range of complementary accessories for microphones including holders and stands, environmental protection accessories, adapters and filters, cables etc are available with us.

Human Vibration
Noise Dosimeters
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