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Acoustic Testing Accessories

Holders and Stands for Test and Measurement Microphones
  • Microphone holder for 1/4" array and condenser systems, designed to attach to 1/4"-20 stud.

Model: 079B10
Model: 079A11
  • Microphone holder designed to attach to 1/4"-20 stud. Height from base to center of holder is 1".

  • Extendable mini tripod with 1/4"-20 mounting stud. Lightweight and portable with multi-position locking mount and easy-grip rubber feet. Max height is 4.5".

Model: 079B16
  • Tripod has a max height of 50", min height of 21", and folded length of 20". Head type is 3-way pan and tilt with quick release with 1/4"-20 mounting stud. Weight is 2 lbs with a load capacity of 4 lbs.

Model: 079A17
Model: 079C23
  • 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch microphone holders and swivel base

  • Flexible arm with 2" clamp at base and 1/4"-20 mounting stud on end. Arm segments can be added or removed without the use of tools to lengthen or shorten the arm.

Model: 079A18
  • 1/4 inch array holder (for 1/2 inch diameter rod)

Model: 079B32
  • 5 Link extension arm for mic clamp holders

Model: 079A44
  • Boom connector has 5/8"-27 stud or converts to 1/4"-20 stud with included adapter. Height adjusts from 36" to 63", the boomlength is 30" and the base spread is 23".

Model: 079A15
  • 6 ft (3m) x 6 ft (3m) array stand. Holders included to support 130 Series array microphones or 378 condenser microphones . Spacing can be adjusted in both axis as needed.

Model: 379A02
Environmental Protection Microphone Accessories
  • 3-1/2 inch Windscreen for 1/4 inch Microphone

  • 1/2-inch nose cone, Replaces standard grid cap on all 1/2" 377-series microphones.

Model: 079A07
  •  3-1/2 inch Windscreen for 1/2 inch Microphone

Model: 079B21
  •  Outdoor Protection, 3/4 inch Mount & 1/4 inch Side Exit Mount

Model: 079A06
Model: EPS2116
Model: 079C20
  • Nose cone (for 1/4 inch microphone)

Adapters and Filters for Test and Measurement Microphones
  • 1/4" microphone to 1/2" preamplifier adaptor

Model: 079A02

Model: 079A29
  • 1/2" microphone to 1/4" preamplifier adapter

  • Right angle adaptor for .25 mic and preamplifier.

Model: 079B03
Model: 079A41
  • 1 in. microphone to 1/2 in. preamp adaptor

Model: 079B25
  • Right angle adaptor for .50 mic and preamplifier

Model: 079A42
  • Microphone stand to holder adaptor, 5/8"-27 microphone stand adapter to 1/4"-20 stud.

Model: 079A24
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