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Industrial Sensors

Industrial Accelerometers

We offer rugged, stainless steel vibration monitoring sensors suitable for predictive maintenance applications. These sensors are hermetically sealed and case isolated. It comes with integral cable units and submersible. Also these industrial sensors can be interface directly with handheld data collectors for both permanent mount and route based applications.

4-20 mA Transmitters

We provide  4-20 mA vibration output transmitters and sensors  to directly and quickly interface to your PLC, DCS, SCADA and Plant Information systems. Now  data can be easily trended, managed, with proper alerts and notifications to keep your process up and running. So our vibration and fault transmitters provide continuous protection and detects soft foot, imbalance, bearing faults, bearing fluting and misalignment issues. Supplied transmitters are approved by CSA / ATEX D 

Vibration Switches

Imbalance, misalignment, looseness, worn bearings, cracked gears and lack of lubrication are the major machine faults which need to be regularly monitored. We offer the smallest and cost-effective vibration switches  to sense the vibration occurred due to all these machine faults. It works as a protection device and triggers an alarm or shut down a machine if vibration level exceeds the preset threshold level. our vibration switch responds to acceleration, velocity, or displacement.

Pressure Transducers

We offer unique dynamic pressure sensors to detect and measure dynamic pressure spikes, instability, pulsations,  surges, minute fluctuations, turbulence and acoustics found in operation of compressors, pumps, pipelines, gas turbine engines, wind turbines, gas power engines and other process equipment to prevent equipment damage/ failure. We offer pressure sensors with both portable and permanent configurations. 


We supply industrial cable assemblies, bulk cable spools and field installable 2-pin MIL connectors, polyurethane and PTFE jacketed cables, high temperature rated cables and handheld data collector cables. We also offer two conductor cables for single axis accelerometers and four conductor cables for multi-axis or temperature output accelerometers and 4-20 mA vibration transmitters.


We offer various kinds of enclosures required in vibration monitoring applications. BNC termination boxes, switch boxes and DIN rail enclosures with bright display are helpfull in route based  programs. 

Mounting Hardware
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