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VEGA - Management Of Motorway Radio Stations

Vega is the system developed by Softech for the unified and integrated management of the Motorway Radio Rooms. The modular and scalable suite integrates specific applications to respond to the different realities and needs of customers on the issues of traffic, user information and management of roadside assistance. The web based architecture is scalable and can be interfaced with any type of third-party equipment and systems.

The main modules that make up Vega are

It manages and tracks both all events divided into different freely configurable types and allows them to be organized in situations, that is, in groupings of related events even in an extended time space.

Through the system it is possible
  • Manage emergencies , such as accidents, queues and weather events.                                          

  • Acquire requests for mechanical or medical aid sent by SOS stations or other sources.              

  • Send health and first aid.                                        

  • Send mechanical rescue vehicles based on proximity and intervention times.                            

  • Manage user information channels including variable message panels based on event geolocation.                                         

  • Automatically exchange information in the Datex standard with websites and other interested entities.                                                

  • Organize technical interventions in parking areas, service areas and toll booths.                                                                 

  • Collect and process traffic data from sensors located along the highway site.                                     

  • Coordinate and monitor construction sites in progress and in the planning phase.                         

  • Calculate travel times.                                          

  • View the shifting of employees and motorway operators                                                                             

  • Locate by satellite and manage rescue and winter vehicles .                                                             

  • Predict and monitor the weather conditions (pressure, temperature, humidity, road surface condition)

All situations and interventions along the highway are archived for analysis, the verification afterwards of the compilation of the report related to the event and the elaboration of statistics, making it always possible to identify each phase of the event and of whom has inserted and modified.
The system generates reports in standard format (pdf) for interaction with users and other entities.

All operations are managed through automatic mechanisms that simplify the work of the operators. An example is the application linked to variable message signs for which it is possible to program the display of each individual message and information campaigns, assign a priority and publish the messages in multiple languages .


It allows the visualization on a cartographic basis of the events managed by the system allowing to monitor the single activity or the status of the entire situation of the motorway network. Through an extremely intuitive and customizable interface it is possible to represent all information in real time (level of traffic, queues, incidents, panels with variable messages) offering a unified and consistent presentation and display. The purpose of ARGO is to display in a single screen notable information in order to create a summary view that includes traffic events, weather, assistance vehicles and any element characterized by a certain location giving the operators the possibility to view all or part of each type of information.


It represents the mobile version of Vega , which can be used on tablets by auxiliary staff to compile reports on accidents or possible interventions. The use of this solution allows the operator to take pictures, take note of the event and always be updated on its evolution, sending all information to the radio room in real time. A back office system allows the verification and archiving of data for the preparation of reports and the sending to the police and the bodies involved.


Video-wall management system and selectable camera network located along the highway.

Vega  is the result of the thirty-year work carried out by Softech with the main Italian motorway concessionaires such as the Brenner Motorway, Autovie Venete, Autostrade Centro Padane, Autostrada Brescia-Padova, Autostrada Torino-Piacenza and Milano-Torino and with some of the most important companies of the supplier of services, equipment and instrumentation.

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