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Product enquiry
Pre Polarized

Structural Solutions supply a latest design prepolarised microphones. It uses ICP power circuit and operate from ICP sensor power. All these microphones comes with TEDS capability and are compliant with the IEEE (P)1451.4 standard. An array style Microphones offered by us is a cost effective solution for large channel count sound pressure measurements and general audible range testing.

Externally Polarized Microphones

Externally polarized microphones utilizes a separate 200 V power supply and special cables with 7 pin style connectors. These models are popular for the noise floor system specifications and easier to manufacture. Externally polarised microphones have better operating temperatures. There are more models available and they are still utilized for special applications or for compatibility reasons.

Special Microphones

We provide the speciality microphones for challenging applications like infrasound measurements, wind tunnel noise measurements, brake noise, acoustic fatigue analysis, clear air turbulence (CAT) testing, impedance tube testing, HVAC testing, airbag testing, gunshot analysis, blast detection, acoustic measurements of engine, manifold, exhaust, transfer path etc.

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