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Force Sensors

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General Purpose Quartz Force Sensor

General purpose force sensors are offered in either stud or axial mounted configurations. They are internally pre-loaded and can be used for dynamic compression, tension, and impact force measurements. Supplied impact caps facilitate impact and drop force measurements. We are offering full-scale measurement ranges of 10 lb to 5000 lb compression (45 to 22k N) and 500 lb (2200 N) tension are available. For higher ranges, consider the dedicated ring, link, or impact-style sensor configurations. Applications include matrix print-head studies, drop testing, machinery studies, punching and forming operations, impact testing, fatigue testing, fracture analysis, and materials testing.

Quartz Force Rings

Ring-style sensor configurations measure dynamic compression. Tension measurements are also possible if the unit has been installed with proper pre-load. The through-hole mounting supports platform, integrated link, and support style installations using either a through-bolt or the supplied stud. We are offering full-scale measurements of 10 lb to 100k lb (45 to 450k N) compression are available. Tension range is dependent upon the amount of applied pre-load and strength of mounting stud used. Applications include tablet presses, stamping, punching and forming operations, balancing, machinery studies, and force-controlled vibration testing.

3-Component Quartz Force Sensor & Links

3-component quartz force ring sensors are capable of simultaneously measuring dynamic force in three orthogonal directions (X, Y, and Z). They contain three sets of quartz plates that are stacked in a preloaded arrangement. Each set responds to the vector component of an applied force acting along its sensitive axis. 3-component ring force sensors must be statically preloaded for optimum performance. Preloading provides the sensing elements with the compressive loading required to allow the proper transmission of shear forces. Versions are available with ranges up to 10k lb (45k N) in the z-axis (perpendicular to the top surface), and up to 4000 lb (18k N) in the x-and y (shear) axes. Both ICP® and charge output styles are available.

Quartz Impact Force Sensors

Impact-style sensors are specifically designed for impact force measurements. The sensor is typically mounted in a free-standing manner with the installed impact cap directed toward the oncoming object with which it will collide.

Miniature ICP Quartz Force Sensors

Using the appropriately sized and ranged Miniature Quartz Force Sensor solves the problem and gives reliable data at a Low Amplitude level. The miniature sensor configuration permits low-amplitude, dynamic compression, tension, and impact force measurements.

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