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Pressure Transducers

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General Purpose

Our dynamic pressure sensors set the standard for extremely fast, micro-second response with a wide amplitude and frequency range. These characteristics allow them to excel in high-frequency applications, where minimum sensor diameter is required. These sensors have Fast rise time ≤ 1 μsec from quartz element, Ultra-high resonant frequency of ≥ 500 kHz, Frequency-tailored output without the “ringing” characteristic of most other sensors and Internal acceleration compensation minimizes shock and vibration sensitivity.

High Sensitivity

High sensitivity ICP® pressure sensors are for low pressure measurements requiring excellent resolution and small size. These pressure sensors are used to measure small dynamic hydraulic and pneumatic pressures such as turbulence, noise, sound, and pulsations, especially in adverse environments. They are capable of measuring high-intensity sound pressures from 111 to 210 dB at any static pressure level from full vacuum to 1,000 psi (6,895 kPa).

High Frequency Shock/Blast/Explosion

Pressure sensors with quartz, ceramic and tourmaline sensing elements are used for a wide variety of shock wave, blast and explosive testing. Typical applications include measurement of shock and blast waves, combustion or detonation in closed bombs, projectile velocity, free field or underwater explosive testing and squib lot acceptance testing. All of these applications require high frequency response and durability, ability to drive long cables and operate in adverse environments.


We have supplied high frequency, durable, quartz ballistics pressure sensors in both charge and ICP® voltage mode versions for over forty years. The Series 109 ICP® ballistic pressure sensors are acceleration compensated and have a ceramic coated integral diaphragm to attenuate thermal shock associated with burning propellants. This series also features a floating clamp nut that reduces strain sensitivity on the sensor body due to mounting torque. The ICP® integral electronics are protected from shock such as that found in gun test applications. Series 119 charge output versions are also available.

Engine Combustion

We offer a wide variety of engine combustion sensors for research applications requiring high precision and accuracy to general purpose peak pressure and spark plug measurements.


Our sub-miniature dynamic pressure sensors are small enough to accommodate for installation where space is limited. These dynamic pressure sensors are designed specifically to fit into tight spaces where mounting space is at a premium. These transducers are excellent for cavitation studies due to a robust, solid diaphragm design. Measurement ranges include 100 psi and 1000 psi.

Rocket Motor

Helium Bleed Sensors are designed for measuring dynamic pressures in intense heat flow associated with high-temperature rocket motor environments. These sensors have ability to withstand intense heat at sensor tip, enveloped in cool, helium gas, reduced vibration sensitivity and integral acceleration compensation and helium flow increases frequency response.

High Temperature & Cryogenic

High Temperature dynamic pressure sensors are designed for operation at the highest temperatures. They can be structured with a quartz element or a UHT-12™ element . Quartz sensors operate, without cooling, up to +750 °F (+399 °C) on compressors and pumps. Special mounting adaptors can be supplied to fit existing mounting holes. Water cooled adaptors are available to provide a lower temperature thermally stable environment that allow sensors to operate in applications above their normal operating range. UHT-12™ sensors operate without cooling up to +1200 ºF (+650 ºC) on turbines. Our Cryogenic quartz dynamic pressure sensors are a high-resolution ICP® pressure sensor design, specially made for cryogenic environments. They consistently follow dynamic events found in cryogenic turbo pumps for liquid fuel handling systems or biomedical research to avoid false data caused by thermal shock.

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Pressure Sensors

We provide an Industrial grade pressure sensor which is capable to measure high pressure, repetitive pulses. These are normally encountered in hydraulic applications such as hydraulic cylinder “torture” testing or diesel fuel injection. Pressure sensors with an ordinary diaphragm usually fatigue quickly in such applications. Diaphragms those are machined and integral to the housing increases ruggedness and helps in improving life of the sensors. Also the diaphragms which are coated with flame-sprayed ceramic minimize the flash temperature effects.

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