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Line Powered Multi Channel Signal Conditioners
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Signal conditioners are 4 channel and 8 channel bench top units. This series of signal conditioners are rack mounted units. This includes basic stand-alone units as well as units with more powerful features such as a front panel keypad and display or an Ethernet port for computer control. Additional features include gain, filtering, LED fault indicators, and TEDS capability. These signal conditioners that have an RS-232 or Ethernet interface are supplied with PCB’s Multi-Channel Signal Conditioner control software. This easy to use software displays a table of the unit’s current settings for each channel. Users can change any setting by simply changing values in the table. Controllable settings include sensor input type, gain, filtering, and excitation current.

Battery Powered ICP Signal Conditioners

These signal conditioners provide a portable, convenient method for powering ICP® sensors and ICP® in-line charge converters. Integration into any measurement chain is easy. Simply connect a cable from the sensor to the input and a cable from the data acquisition system to the output. When power is turned on, they are ready to condition signals for transmission to the readout device. These units are powered with standard 9-volt alkaline batteries and provide an AC coupled output. Each signal conditioner features a color coded meter on the front panel that monitors sensor operation and detects cable faults.

In Line Charge Converters

In-line ICP® charge converters serve to convert high impedance charge mode piezoelectric sensor signals to low impedance voltage signals for input to readout, recording, and analysis instruments. Well suited for use with high temperature piezoelectric sensors, these units operate in environments up to 500° F (260° C). The series features a ±5.0 V output, a variety of gain options, and a small, rugged package. They are a less expensive option compared to laboratory charge amplifiers, which makes them very attractive for multi-channel requirements.

Dual Mode Charge Converters

Dual-mode charge amplifiers are multi-function signal conditioners for piezoelectric charge mode and ICP® sensors. Additional features of these amplifiers include an ultra-low noise floor, sensor fault detection, overload detection, a built-in calibration reference signal and an RS-232 port for computer control.

USB Dual Channel ICP Sensor Signal Conditioner

We supply a special pocket sized dual channel ICP® sensor signal conditioner that requires no batteries for operation. The 485B36 is powered by the Universal Serial Bus (USB) port commonly found on both desktop and notebook computers. Now your PC sound card or other data acquisition device can record signals from the wide range of ICP® accelerometers, microphones, force sensors, tachometers and dynamic strain gauges.

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