Calibration services we offer 

Microphone Pre-amplifier Calibration at Lab:

Using Precision Microphone Calibration Workstation we calibrate your 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 1" microphone cartridges (open-circuit sensitivity), microphone cartridges with preamplifiers (closed-circuit sensitivity) and microphone Frequency Response Function.

Accelerometer Calibration at lab

Using precision Air Bearing calibration shaker we calibrate your transducers up to a frequency range of 15 kHz. Piezo-electric IEPE/ICP, charge, capacitive, DC-response, Piezoresistive (MEMS) type accelerometer sensors and associated signal conditioner of any make are taken up for calibration.

Onsite Calibration

Using a NIST traceable portable vibration calibrator we calibrate on-site all your vibration transducers, proximity probes, velocity sensors, vibration meters, data collectors, vibration analyzers, machinery health and condition monitoring systems of any make like Bently®, SKF®, IRD®, Rockwell® and others. Our on-site calibration team perform calibration at your location and generate ISO 17025-compliant calibration certificate.

Vibration Meter Calibration

Using a NIST traceable portable vibration calibrator we calibrate vibration meters in acceleration, velocity and displacement modes against their manufacturer specifications and the standards. Also a separate calibration for accelerometer is performed.

Portable Vibration calibrators and Hand-held Shaker Calibration

Using standard accelerometer, dynamic accelerometer calibration system and high precision digital multimeter we calibrate portable vibration calibrators and hand-held 1g shakers of any make. 

Impact Hammer Calibration

Using Gravimetric calibration system set up we calibrate instrumented impact hammers of any make.

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