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Get fully automated validation and calibration all in one, and that’s just the start. Our entire product line can be flexibly configured into production stations with handling and controlling tools. With every component built in, from the software, cooling system, and measuring equipment to the control sensor and handling system.


Independent semi-automated work stations and systems can be integrated in a production line in a multitude of ways. Starting from the basic magnetizers and magnetizing fixtures, LE has unmatched options and flexibility for creating a complete automation solution.


LE’s manual workstations are designed to deliver high quality and reliable operation. From simple to complex systems, each work station provides practical technology to get the job done while meeting the highest standards and safety requirements for magnetic applications.

Watch these examples to see what we can do for your automation systems

ø 130 mm rotor
# poles: 8-pole Step-Skewed rotors
Material: NdFeB.
Requirements: magnetizing and measuring system.
Key features: guiding system for customer positioning tool.
Automation: a rotating cylinder automatically moves the sample into the magnetization coil at the correct working position.

ø 60 mm rotor
# poles: 8-pole rotors
Material: ferrite.
Requirements: magnetizing, demagnetizing and measuring system.
Key features: the rejected samples can be re-worked in the line and with very precise alignment (gap 0,5 mm).
Automation: a cylinder automatically moves the sample into the magnetization coil at the correct working position.

ø 800 mm rotor
# poles:20/40 poles
magnetization: step skewed.
Requirements: magnetization and measurements of big PM rotors, horizontal handling.
Key features: hollow shaft, step skewed measurements..
Automation: horizontal electric axis, rotative electric z axis, for long rotors and step skewed rotors.

Our custom magnetizing solutions can be configured to include:
  • Automatic mechanism for a simple and fast change out of magnetizing coils for various rotor sizes.

  • Optical sensor to detect the correct position of the rotor before insertion.

  • Complete data collection of the calibration/magnetization/demagnetization and statistical controls for the production run is loaded and stored directly on a PC.

  • Fluxmeter to control the quality of magnetization.

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