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Electrodynamic Shakers

Mini shakers

The mini exciters are compact and lightweight, yet powerful vibration shaker, providing 75 - 110 pounds (334 - 489N) pk sine force. A large armature (3.25 inch diameter platform table supporting payloads up to 10 lbs) makes the shaker ideal for traditional vibration control testing of components and subassemblies. These are ideally suited for general purpose vibration testing of small components and sub-assemblies, or as excitation transducers for modal, academic, biomedical, or laboratory research. Their 1 inch (25.4 mm) stroke, wide frequency range (useable to 6500 Hz), and innovative dual-purpose platform table design support a very broad range of applications.

Small Force Rating

The S-Series Vibration Test Systems cover a wide range of force output [300 to 6,000 lbf (1.3 - 26.7 kN)] in support of small to moderately large payloads. The S-Series shakers are supplied with SA, SAI or TA Series power amplifiers. These systems support a variety of applications including product development and design conformance, product qualification and certification, accelerated life testing and environmental stress screening. The S-Series also includes the Industry's highest shock system capable of 1500 g peak.

Medium Force Rating

The R-Series vibration test systems are designed to provide reliable performance for medium and high force applications. The R-Series Shaker Armature incorporates a multi-ribbed design, which provides maximum stiffness and minimum weight, resulting in a high acceleration to specimen weight ratio and impressive acceleration and frequency performance. Offering Max force 10,000 – 13,500 lbf (44.5 to 60 kN) depending on configuration and available armature sizes in 16 inches and 24 inches.

Large Force Rating

K-Series high performance electrodynamic shaker systems offer 100% air cooling, 3 inch (76 mm) stroke, and feature an output force up to 18,000 pounds (80.1 kN). They are available with a 16 inch (445 mm) or 24 inch (654 mm) armature outer bolt circle, allowing a variety of package sizes and fixture configurations. The K180 shakers contain a host of new, high-performance features and enhancements, including an upgraded armature suspension design. A dual in-line post bearing, and shear mount elements, provide increased structural integrity, and off-axis restraint allowing the K180 to meet the demands of today’s long stroke, low-frequency vibration tests.

High Frequency

Typical electrodynamic shakers have a usable frequency range up to 2,000-3,000 Hz. For higher frequency applications, UD engineers have developed two different shaker systems optimized for sine & random vibration tests up to 5,000+ Hz. and extreme SRS shock events out to 10,000 Hz.! These high frequency shakers come in two different configuration and design, one with the conventional Armature offering force rating of 6,500 lbf (28.9 kN), and one with the UD patented IAR technology Armature offering force rating of 3,000 lbf (13.3kN) perfect for relay and turbine blade resonance and fatigue testing.

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