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Interface Cards

Video Interfaces

Analog PAL / NTSC VIDEO camera support

  • Direct connection of analog video cameras to DEWETRON instruments

  • Four parallel color PAL/NTSC cameras supported

  • PCI and PCI Express version available

  • Up to 30 fps (frames per second) per channel

It is very popular to use DEWETRON measurement instruments together with standard low cost analog video cameras. The FG-VIDEO-4-x cards are a very nice solutions for connecting such cameras directly to our instruments

ARINC-429 AND MIL-STD-1553 Interfaces

ARINC-429 is an interface employed on many aircraft, commercial and military.

MIL-STD-1553 has been a military avionics standard serial data bus since the 1970’s. Today it is also used in spacecraft for on-board data handling (OBDH) subsystems. Applications for 1553 encompass both military and civilian usage.

Our PCI interface card can be configured with either two separate ARINC 429 interfaces, or an ARINC 429 and one 1553 interface.

PCM Interfaces

PCM refers to the pulse code modulation that is used to encode data transmitted from spacecraft or aircraft to the ground. DEWETRON has developed a comprehensive interface to a powerful bit-sync/frame sync/decommutator interface card.

The PCI interface hardware can handle PCM data in numerous popular formats, and at rates up to 33 Mbps. The bit sync and frame sync are handled in hardware via the graphical user interface within DS 7.1, whereas the decom is implemented entirely in software. This allows maximum system flexibility, including the ability to handle one or more embedded asynchronous data streams.

FIREWIRE® Interfaces

FireWire® is a very common interface to connect cameras, storage devices or even data acquisition systems to a computer.

The main application of FireWire® interfaces in DEWETRON systems is to connect single or multiple cameras. It is most popular to use the synchronized DEWE-CAM-FW-70 but standard DV cameras are supported as well.

CAN-BUS Interface

To add CAN bus interfaces to your system, order the appropriate version of ORION card. ORION cards ending in odd numbers have two synchronous high speed CAN bus interfaces.

For systems without ORION cards, a PCI card PCI-CAN2 is available.

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