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Microphones and Sound Level Meter Calibration Services at SSPL

Calibrate your Microphone with our world class NABL accredited laboratory at hyderabad using world class calibrators of The Modal Shop USA. The Precision Microphone Calibration Workstation Model 9350C is an accurate, turnkey, automated, PC-based system.

  1. 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 1" microphone cartridges.

  2. Microphone cartridges with preamplifiers.

  3. Free field, Pressure field and diffuse field Microphone calibration

  4. Factory style full sweep microphone calibration from 20 Hz to 20 kHz

  5. Preamplifier Conformance Test

  6. Sound Source Calibration (i.e. Pistonphone, Speakerphone, Acoustic calibrators etc.)

9350C operates in four modes

  1. Microphone Condenser Calibration

  2. Microphone & Preamplifier Calibration

  3. Preamplifier Conformance Test

  4. Source Calibration

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