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Pocket Size Dual Channel DAQ

The TMS 485B39 is a pocket-sized, dual-channel ICP to ®USB digital signal conditioner. It provides any ICP sensor (accelerometers, mics, hammers, etc.) with a digital USB output. Truly plug & play, no drivers required. The small form factor, versatility, and powerful software options make the 485B39 the perfect tool for collecting, analyzing, and saving data on-the-go. Whether customer is just learning about sensing, taking measurements on a daily basis, or simply want to add digital functionality to existing sensors, the 485B39 makes a fine addition to any tool set. Typical applications include: general sound and vibration measurements (single or dual channel), binaural recordings, transmissibility studies, isolation studies, condition monitoring, process monitoring & the Internet of Things (IoT), resonance testing, correlation methods, sound and vibration laboratory experiments, quality control etc.

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