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Drivetrain Testing Equipment

Torque Measuring Flanges
Adaptable Telemetry Systems

The telemetric RFTS-1 set is a complete set from ATESTEO for measuring torque and temperature in vehicle drivetrains. It contains all components for on-site installation. Stator element with antenna, Rotor electronics, Analysis unit VETAS.

GSA Gear Shift Analysis System

The quality and feeling of shifting gears as a characteristic specific to a given brand deliver a decisive contribution to the personal driving experience. Subjective estimates of the driving experience depend on the technical know-how of the test driver and open up debates regarding evaluation criteria.

Clutch Analysis System

Some NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) phenomena are influenced directly or indirectly by the clutch. The clutch can pull up. That means that unexpected vibrations occur in the drivetrain. Or the axles squeal. The clutch analysis (CA) system can be used to identify these kinds of possible issues with the vehicle while it is in the early stages of development.

Transmission & Drivetrain Actuators

The LMC3 Linear Motion Control from ATESTEO is a test bench actuator to operate the clutch, accelerator pedal, and selector lever. The system consists of a controller with a highly dynamic servo amplifier with microcontroller control, a synchronised servomotor with absolute value transmitter, and linear guides with specific mechanical components.

Custom Tailored Drivetrain Measurement 

The electronics development from ATESTEO, which is integrated into the field of customer-specific measurement technology, has extensive competence in further developing and newly developing electronic measurement systems.

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