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Environmental Testing Services

Cold-Heat-Humidity Climatic Test

SSPL Test House supports you in testing your product with NABL accreditation at different temperature and humidity ranges to reveal its reliability of operation and resistance capability at various climatic conditions with lifespan. Cold testing, Dry heat testing, high & low temperature testing, climatic testing services for various electrical and electronic products are available at our test lab. So you may now identify your product’s heat-resistance, material deterioration level, durability and other performance factors accessing our lab.

Damped Heat Test   

SSPL Test House helps you in testing your product with NABL accreditation at high humidity without combining or combining with cyclic temperature changes. You may now approach us for Damp heat steady state test, Damped heat cyclic test, Composite temperature-humidity cyclic test and other environmental conditioning tests. Understand your product’s endurance towards various environmental factors like humidity, condensation, absorption, accumulation etc and its capability in withstanding those stresses.  

Thermal Shock Test      

SSPL Test House brings you a world class NABL accredited facility facility to test your product stress level by applying rapidly changing temperature cycles in a two chamber system. Electrical and mechanical performance evaluation of your product by undergoing high temperature gradients will decide its safe limit of operation. Now visit us, simulate thermal stress and evaluate your product’s overall performance. Identify the effects such as corrosion, cracks, moisture absorption, oxidation etc by exposing your products simulated environments at our test house.     

Vibration Test     

Vibration test diagnose the robustness of your product. SSPL Test House serves you with NABL accredited vibration simulation services to ensure that your product survives in its anticipated working environment.  Our full-fledge test facility can simulate Sine Sweep, Sine Dwell, Random, Sine on Random and random on random vibration profiles on your product and evaluate its best operational performance in the real world environment. Our Expert team have sufficient knowledge on fixture design and operation skill to run the vibration test on your products.

Mechanical Shock Test      

SSPL Test house provides you the NABL Accredited classical shock testing services for your product/ specimen to find its ability to handle shock loads and prove its toughness. Now test the mechanical strength your products by simulating the similar application environment like transportation, handing or operational using our shock testing facility. We test your product with infrequent, non-repetitive shocks pulse shapes combining specific peak acceleration and duration to identify the mechanical weakness and structural integrity of test product or components. 

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