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CoCo and Spider Hardware Platforms

The CoCo-80X Dynamic Signal Analyzer features a 7-inch LCD touchscreen, 2, 4, or 8 input channels, long battery life, and optional Wi-Fi and GPS. The (ISO 11898-1&2) CAN-Bus digital input allows simultaneous measurement of an automobile’s speed, engine RPM and/or any of the hundreds of performance variables tracked by its Controlled Area Network (CAN).

The CoCo-90X operates as a dynamic signal analyzer and features software designed for mechanical structure analysis, testing and optimization for electrical, geophysics and a wide range of applications.

Spider-20: Wireless Dynamic Signal Analyzer

The Spider-20 is a compact yet powerful dynamic signal analyzer and data recorder with built-in Wi-Fi. It provides four 24-bit precise high-fidelity input channels, and a unique software-selectable tachometer-input/signal-source output channel. It is PC-independent and features a 6-hour battery life in full operating mode. 

The Spider-80X is designed for applications in three fields: dynamic data acquisition, vibration control, and machine monitoring. Scale to high channel count dynamic signal analyzer systems with channel configurations from 8 to 512 channels. The Spider-80Xi is a compact version of Spider-80X with an extremely lightweight form factor.


The Spider-80SG is a high precision, general purpose data acquisition device featuring strain gage functionality. With Crystal Instruments’ unique Ethernet based time synchronization technology, multiple Spider-80SG front-ends can be chained together to construct systems up to 512 channels. Works with the Spider-80X in DSA (dynamic signal analysis) or VCS (vibration control system) modes.

DAQ with strain guage.jpeg

The Spider-HUB IEEE 1588 industrial Ethernet switch supports the latest IEEE 1588v2 technology. Time stamping accuracy is guaranteed within 50 nanoseconds.


The Spider-NAS is a dedicated network attached storage solution designed to provide high performance data recording for front-ended Spider modules. Features a solid state hard drive of 250GB. Records data in NTFS file format.

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