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Test stand for Function, Power, Brakes

  • Automatic vehicle-specific test stand preset

  • Automatic test program run

  • Independent design way of the test program by the operator

  • Testing with active vehicle diagnosis possible

  • Double roller set in asymmetric version, suitable for 3- and 4-wheel forklifts

  • Two drive machines for the brake test (disengaging)

  • Eddy-roller brake for conducting performance tests

  • Lifting bar between the rollers with integrated sensor. Roller for slip recognition

  • Rollers connected via tooth belts

  • Color monitor for the clearly visualizing the easy to handle, menue driven test program

  • Vehicle specific program procedure based on the data from the vehicle model database

  • Check of all gear steps, forward/reverse

  • Check of highest speed

  • Stop watch for acceleration measurement

  • Check turnover gear

  • Determination of idle RPM, peak RPM, parking brake

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