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Ethernet-based gateway Model WSDA® -1500 -LXRS® is designed for high- speed and sophisticated data aggregation. It configures, coordinates, and collects sensor data from a scalable network of wireless sensor nodes and push all or selected sensor data to a J1939 CAN bus. You can easily configurable to operate with a static IP, a DHCP-enabled LAN, or as a datalogger to local memory.

WSDA® -1500 -LXRS

Wireless USB Base station Model WSDA® -Base -104 -LXRS® is available with USB I/O (input/output) for easy, reliable sensor data acquisition providing seamless communication between the wireless sensor nodes and host computer. It is compatible with all LORD MicroStrain® sensor nodes

WSDA® -Base -104 -LXRS
Analog Outputs

Wireless Analog Output Base Station Model WSDA® -Base -101 -LXRS® is a USB operated gateway with eight analog outputs that relay data collected from any sensors within its local network. It provides seamless communication between a host PC, single board computer or microcontroller, and single or multiple remote wireless nodes. The WSDA®-Base-101 is supplied with a 12-pin header to make wiring connections to your analog data acquisition equipment (DAQ).

WSDA® -Base -101 -LXRS

Wireless Sensor RS232 Base Station, Model WSDA® -Base -102 –LXRS is a RS232 data gateway which provides easy, reliable sensor data acquisition. WSDA®-Base-102 has been certified by the FCC for use with other products without any further certification (as per FCC section 2.1091). Its enclosure is made of black-anodized aluminum with 4 rubber foot pads for desktop mounting.

WSDA® -Base -102 –LXRS
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