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Load / Pressure

An advanced and high-performing wireless 8-channel analog input sensor node Model V-Link-200 interfaces with a wide range of available sensor technologies and convert them into wireless sensors.  V-Link-200 specially accommodate Wheatstone bridge and analog sensors, including strain, load cell, torque, pressure, accelerometers, vibration sensors, geophones, magnetic field and displacement sensors.


A small, low-power, two-channel analog input sensor node Model SG-Link-LXRS supplied by us have one differential and one single-ended analog input channel and an internal temperature sensor. It suits best for remote and long term measurement of many Wheatstone bridge and analog-type sensors including: strain, force, torque, pressure, acceleration, vibration, magnetic field, displacement and geophones


Low-cost, wireless two-channel analog input sensor node Model SG-Link®-OEM-LXRS is ready to use for OEM integration and quickly embed in to your system applications. You can avail volume discount on these OEM range products.

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