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Magnetizing Fixtures

  • Excellent heat dissipation

  • Better strength resistance

  • Constructed without epoxy for a longer life span

Product Specification Sheet
  • hange the cross-section and number of conductors from project to project

  • Minimal space needed for winding heads with our winding technology

  • The slots can be built with any type of skewing: step skewed, continuous skewed, zigzag

Product Specification Sheet
  • Complicated step skewed geometries

  • High performances low torque ripple PMSM

  • Very small inductors and sensors

Product Specification Sheet
  • The conductors on the device can be positioned to generate a magnetic field in a desired pattern

  • Plenty of space for cooling and insulation material

  • Sense coil embedded in the core

Product Specification Sheet
  • Low peak time

  • Halbach magnetization

  • High voltage

Model: Halbach
Product Specification Sheet
  • Single and total pitch errors lower than 0.03°

  • Precision machining of solid copper windings allows adjustable relative orientation for different traces on the same disc

  • Linear geometries are also available with either straight or any type of skewed interpolar dead zone

Product Specification Sheet
  • Easier to adapt when a long peak time is required

  • Can be used in a dirty environment

Product Specification Sheet
  • Small pole pitch magnets

  • Low voltage

  • Low peak time

Product Specification Sheet
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