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Portable Vibration Calibrators and Field Tester

K9145D10 Automated Portable Calibration

Structural Solutions supplies an innovative Portable Accelerometer Calibration System, Model K9145D10 for accurate back-to-back comparison calibration of variety of accelerometer types and velocity sensors. It is traceable to NIST/PTB and confirms to the strict requirements of  ISO 16063-21 and ISO 17025. K9145D10 is a turnkey system suitable for both laboratory and field portability. 

9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator with Sensitivity Display

Structural Solutions offers easy to operate Portable Vibration Calibrator Model 9110D for Troubleshooting Vibration Monitoring Systems, Detect Sensor Drift, Cabling Errors etc. It calibrates individual sensors, vibration switches and data collectors, as well as to validate the entire measurement channel of a condition monitoring or recording system. Also calculates and displays test sensor sensitivity on the readout screen in real time. CALROUTE testing included in this system enables users to pre-program for running the same calibrations on multiple sensors.

9210D Low Frequency Portable Vibration Calibrator

Structural Solutions supply world’s first and only Low Frequency Portable Vibration Calibrator, The Modal Shop’s Model 9210D. Using 9210D you can calibrate vibration sensors which are used on critical slow speed equipment at their actual machine running speeds as low as 42 CPM (0.7Hz)

9100D Portable Shaker Table Vibration Field Tester

Structural Solutions offer simple & efficient portable shaker table Model 9100D for quick checking of condition monitoting sensors covering the high frequency level up to 10kHz. It provides a known and repeatable dynamic excitation level to validate accelerometers, Moving coil vibration sensors, velocity sensors, proximity probes, machine health monitoring systems, vibration analysers etc.

9200D Low Frequency Portable Shaker Table

 Structural solutions supply NIST-traceable portable shaker table for verifying industrial , seismic accelerometers and other critial vibration instrumentation used to protect slow speed rotating equipment. Also you can validate heavy industrial sensors (up to 800 grams weight) that are used in applications such as hydropower. This unit have closed loop control leading to quick calibration.

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