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An advanced and high-performing wireless 8-channel analog input sensor node Model V-Link-200 interfaces with a wide range of available sensor technologies and convert them into wireless sensors.  V-Link-200 specially accommodate Wheatstone bridge and analog sensors, including strain, load cell, torque, pressure, accelerometers, vibration sensors, geophones, magnetic field and displacement sensors.


Six channel Wireless Thermocouple Node Model TC-Link® -6CH –LXRS is a specialized node designed for synchronous, lossless data acquisition from up to six standard thermocouples. You can easily deploy this node to measure temperature and humidity wirelessly for applications such as Thermal profiling, Refrigeration monitoring, Production process monitoring, Quality control and Environmental monitoring. IP65/66 environmental enclosures available as an option.


A miniature wireless thermocouple node Model TC-Link-1CH-LXRS is designed for data acquisition from standard thermocouples. It has an embedded cold junction temperature compensation sensor and comes with standard miniature thermocouple blade connector.


Wireless RTD Sensor Node Model RTD-Link™ -LXRS® is a specialized node designed for data acquisition from standard resistance temperature detectors (2 or 4 wire PT100 RTD type sensors). Node features small form factor, low power consumption, and wireless framework to optimize deployment in remote and long-term monitoring applications.

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