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Model: 081A08

Triaxial Mounting adapters

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 0.37" cube, 5-40 tapped hole, anodized aluminum

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Model: 080B16

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 0.812" cube (for accels with 10-32 stud and up to 0.5" hex base)

Model: 080A17

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 0.87" cube, 10-32 thd on each surface, SS

Model: 080B10

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 0.87" cube, 10-32 thd each surface, anodized aluminium

Model: 080C10

Titanium Triaxial Mounting Block, 1" cube, (3) 1/4-28 x .25 deep threaded holes. (2) 10-32 mtg screws

Model: 080A180

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 1.25" cube, anodized aluminum (for accels with up to 0.75" hex base)

Model: 080B11

Triaxial mounting cube, 1.23" sides, with 3-1/4-28 socket head cap screws

Model: 080A62

Triaxial mtg adaptor, 1.5" cube, through holes for 1/4-28 screws

Model: 080A57

Easy mount triaxial block, plastic, 1.265" sq.

Model: 080A57
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