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Vibration Shakers

Mechanical Shakers

Mechanical Shakers can be used for design qualifications, end product reliability and fatigue testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), as part of a production process such as quality assurance, or anything else that requires vibration typically working within 8 Hz to 60 Hz frequency band.

Hydraulic Shakers

Also known as the most Versatile Shakers, is focused on meeting the structural excitation needs of the global modal analysis community. With a growing global applications base in the automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, power generation, turbo machinery and construction machinery industries, these systems provide high force modal excitation to measure the frequency response of structures.

Electrodynamic Shakers

These Electrodynamic vibration test systems are used to satisfy a wide variety of vibration test requirements in aspects of Force and Modes. Sine, random, and shock testing are considered the three basic test environments and are reflected in the standard ratings for all Unholtz-Dickie vibration test systems. All vibration test systems are rated in “peak force” for sine and shock, and in “rms force” for random. These Shakers vary from 300 lbf to 55,000 lbf force ratings and can operate at frequencies as high as 5,700 Hz.

Permanent Magnet Shakers

The modal shakers are a proven solution in test laboratories throughout the world. With force ratings from 4.5 to 100 lbf (20 to 440 N), these shakers are suitable for a wide range of modal analysis applications. The  modal shakers are designed to be highly portable, rugged and easy to set up in order to facilitate the best testing results. The exciter size allows a diversity of placement locations relative to the test structure, while minimizing any unwanted interaction between the exciter and test structure. These are through-hole armature shakers which simplifies and improves modal testing as compared to conventional electrodynamic shakers.

Air-bearing Shakers
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